Frigid temperatures causes increased occupancy at Salvation Army shelter

SHREVEPORT – The extremely cold temperatures have more people seeking out a warm place to stay overnight. The Salvation Army Merkle Center of Hope is ready to serve those in need.

The local shelter’s 110-bed capacity was enough to serve the need up until Saturday, December 30th. That night the shelter had to set-up seven extra cots to provide overnight accommodations.

Those cots have been in use through Jan. 2 and there are plenty more cots on stand-by if more people need a place to stay.

“Here at The Salvation Army Merkle Center of Hope we are blessed to have the means to provide shelter for those in need. We do not turn anyone away,” said Terrance Trammell, the local shelter’s house manager.

“We always have at least 20 cots ready to set-up during cold weather but we will always make room if the need exceeds that capacity.”

The Salvation Army appreciates the community generously donating blankets and coats to the shelter throughout this past week, Trammell said.

Now the local non-profit is seeking monetary donations to help with unexpected expenses such as food and utilities for the shelter. Donations can be made through The Salvation Army’s website,



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