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Gas prices on the rise in Louisiana

Earlier this month James Gibson Jr., 43, waas arrested by Webster Sheriff Deputies after stealing scrap metal from Tie Mill over the course of two to three weeks and selling it to Webster Scrap for an excess of $1000.

The Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to a complaint in early Feb. regarding the theft of several loads of scrap iron from Tie Mill. An employee of Webster Scrap contacted the sheriff’s office after an employee of the mill positively identified items at the scrap yard that had been stolen from the mill. 

The Webster Scrap employee “identified the individual that sold [them] this particular scrap iron on numerous occasions recently as James R. Gibson Jr.,” the booking report stated. 

Conveniently , while the deputies investigating the case were at the scrap yard photographing the stolen scrap metal, Gibson returned to the scrap yard with another load of scrap. 

“As we were leaving the scrap yard, the suspect, James R Gibson, returned to the scrap yard with another load of … scrap. After the transaction was completed, Gibson was taken into custody and transported to the Sheriff’s Department for questioning,” the booking report stated. 

“During the interview he confessed that he had been on the property 6-8 times and had stolen the iron from the mill.” It was discovered during questioning that the amount Gibson was paid for his ill gotten scrap was in excess of a thousand dollars over the course of the past two to three weeks. Gibson was charged with felony theft.