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Gov. Edwards declares statewide mandate for masks, other restrictions

Gov. John Bel Edwards explains the tax structure rewrite he's proposing for the upcoming legislative session, on Wednesday in Baton Rouge.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards announced in a press briefing Friday that Louisiana is going to be staying in Phase 2 with new restrictions. He also went on to explain that we are closer to going back to Phase One then we are getting into Phase 3 of re-opening.

“We have no reason to believe the numbers we are seeing are going to get better. In fact, they’re going to get worse,” said Edwards. 

It was revealed that Louisiana is now ranked third most for per capita cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. The most recent data from the Louisiana Department of Health reveals that Webster Parish had an increase of 268 cases from the dates 6/22 to 7/5.

Perhaps the most important new measure announced was a statewide mask mandate for those age 8 and older that will start on Monday, 12:01 a.m. He did say that this wouldn’t be a requirement for those who have a medical condition that makes it difficult to breathe while wearing a mask, but also stated, “If you can’t wear a mask because of a medical condition then you have a medical condition that makes you vulnerable to COVID-19.”

Other restrictions include the closure of all bars to on-premises consumption and a gathering limit of 50 people indoors.

“We cannot let this illness win. If you want to keep the economy open, not go back to phase one, open schools next month, these are minor prices to pay, especially those who don’t like putting on a face cover,” said Edwards.