Grandfather arrested following shooting

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Billy Lovil Gibson

The grandfather of the 7-year-old who shot his aunt has been arrested for reportedly lying to police.

Webster Parish Sheriff Gary Sexton said deputies arrested Billy Lovil Gibson, 79, of the 2000 block of Dogwood Trail and charged him with felony contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. Charges are also possible against Amanda Gibson for giving false information to investigators.

“The child was unsupervised and with the behavioral problems the child has, and he had access to firearms and ammunition, that was the deciding factor,” he said. “We went out to the residence, and there were numerous bullet holes in the residence, and it was admitted to us the child was shooting this gun unsupervised. We found out (Tuesday) the child shot at his aunt four times and hit her twice.”

Sexton said investigators learned Billy Gibson reportedly told Amanda Gibson to say it was an accident, and that is what she said.
“He lied to us,” he said.

The boy’s age prevents him from being criminally charged with shooting his aunt, Sexton said, adding the law says he cannot form intent – and he does not agree with that.

“He intended to shoot her,” he said. “He shot at her four times.”

Following a disagreement with his aunt Friday, the boy retrieved a .22 lever action shotgun from a locked gun safe and shot her, Sexton said.

“He had to eject the shell and then load it again,” he added.

The child is now in the custody of family members in Ringgold, and the Department of Children and Family Services has been called.
At this point, Sexton said he does not know what will happen with the boy, but this was their only option.

The investigation is still ongoing, he said.


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