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Holli Vining begins new term as Webster Parish Clerk of Court

by Amber McDown

Holli Vining was re-elected as Webster Parish Clerk of Court on October 14, 2023. Vining was recently sworn in for her new term, which will extend until June 30, 2028. Her career with the Clerk of Court’s office began in 1990 and, since her first election as Clerk of Court in 2004, she has taken immense pride in her achievements.

“Being sworn in to my 7th term in office is an incredible honor!” Vining expressed. “I’ve committed myself to the Clerk of Court’s office for nearly 34 years and it has been extremely rewarding to feel like I’ve made a difference and that I am given the opportunity to continue to provide these services to the citizens of Webster Parish.”

Running unopposed in the election, Vining attributed this to her dedicated service and efforts to enhance the office’s operations. “Through my 20 years of service as Clerk of Court I have worked hard to make this office one that Webster Parish is proud of. I have employed a dedicated, hard-working staff who is welcoming and helpful to the public and I am proud of them every day. I have also created an office that is transparent, accurate, cost-efficient, and technology-driven and I think the public has recognized that.”

Vining’s previous term saw numerous key achievements aimed at improving service delivery. “During my previous term I was able to accomplish many things to better serve the public. I’ve overseen the scanning and indexing of thousands of criminal and civil records and implemented electronic filing of civil records. I’ve also worked with Clerks across the state to develop and implement a statewide portal where the public can search civil, criminal, marriage, and land records free of charge. A big improvement I was able to provide to the Clerk’s office during my previous term is that I partnered with two other Clerks’ offices to develop our own case management software. Rather than the ‘big-box’ system that has been previously used, this system is tailored to the needs of our office while being more efficient for my staff, user-friendly, and cost-efficient for the office which will have an impact for years to come.”

Looking ahead, Vining’s priorities and goals for her new term focus on enhancing public access and record preservation. “It is always a priority for me to continue to look for new ways to better serve the public by making my office user-friendly and accessible. Those priorities go hand-in-hand with the preservation of parish records. It is my goal to have every record in the Clerk’s office scanned and available electronically by the end of this term.”

Vining also plans to introduce several innovations to keep the Clerk of Court’s office at the cutting edge of technology. “I look forward to continuing to keep my office at the forefront of technology. Some of those innovations include offering electronic marriage certificate applications and same-day alerts for property record filings. I also intend to work with our Judges’ office and District Attorney’s office to implement a paperless workflow.”

The local website, websterclerk.org, provides additional information and resources about the Clerk of Court’s office.

Holli Vining’s continued leadership promises to bring further advancements and efficiency to the Webster Parish Clerk of Court’s office, ensuring it remains a model of public service and innovation.

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