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Hwy. 80 sale is April 20-23

Mary McKinney
Special to Minden Press-Herald

The Historic Hwy 80 Yard sale runs from Texas to Georgia and occurs two times a year. The third weekend in April and the Third weekend in October.

The Hwy 80 Spring Yard Sale will be held April 20-23 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

This will be the 4th year that Minden area antiques shops have participated in this historic sale that runs along Hwy 80. Any of these fine shops may have outside spaces for vendors to set up their wares. Stop in and reserve a space soon.

Brochures and flyers will also be available so help us spread the word. There will also be areas in and between Haughton, Dixie Inn, and Bossier, just be sure to get permission from the business or property owner beforehand. If you live on Hwy 80, Lucky you! Set up in your own yard!


Q. How can I become a vendor?

Anyone can be a vendor by simply having a yard sale in their yard, at their business or setting up in designated vendor places. Many communities have different places where vendors from within and outside of that town can set up a booth. Clusters of vendors may be found along the route.

Q. What can I sell?

A. Almost anything. Junk, furniture, books, arts & crafts, paintings, toys, old farm equipment, tools, records, dishes and glassware, photo equipment, bicycles, motorcycles, boats, cars, trailers are all desirable items.

Q. Where will the yard sales be?

A. Yard sales will be found along the route at homes located on the designated route, in businesses parking lots, along side streets adjacent to the route, in wide open fields and pastures and basically anywhere people can find to set up. Some areas will have large numbers of vendors in one group, others may be scattered and, in some instances, you may travel for several miles or more without seeing a yard sale because of the distances between homes in rural areas.

For more information: www.facebook.com/hwy80minden