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L’Jarius Sneed holds 2nd annual football camp at Minden High School

by Amber McDown

The 2nd Annual L’Jarius Sneed Football Camp took place at Minden High School on June 22, drawing over 300 youth participants. Two-time Super Bowl champion L’Jarius Sneed, alongside volunteers from across the nation, provided hands-on football training to the attendees. Sneed’s family, friends, and numerous community members also contributed to the camp’s success. The event concluded with autograph sessions and photo opportunities.

When asked about his motivation for starting the camp, Sneed said, “The kids and just to give back to my community. It’s a way I can give back and empower them. I play football in the NFL, and I know a lot of kids in Minden, Louisiana, want to play NFL one day, so I try to bring it back home every year.”

Sneed emphasized the broader lessons he hopes the kids learn at the camp. “They’re learning skills about life, not just about football, about God; about keeping Him first. What it took me to get here — the hard work and dedication, putting school first and getting good grades — it’s not just a football camp. I try to empower them to be the best person they can be. The football camp is just a way to get them to come.”

Reflecting on his NFL career, Sneed shared how it has shaped him as a mentor. “It’s helped me to become the person who I’d never thought I’d be. Like this camp. I never thought L’Jarius Sneed would be right here giving back to the kids. I never thought I’d be the blueprint to show them the way. It’s a blessing.”

Sneed offered advice to young athletes: “Keep God first. Never leave God, and always believe in yourself; never leave yourself. Don’t let nobody tell you that you can’t do all this.”

Looking ahead, Sneed hinted at more community initiatives. “There’s a couple surprises that I have going on. It’s going to be pretty nice.”

Sneed and his family expressed gratitude to Mayor Nick Cox, Minden High School, Marketing Manager Clint Reyes, the security detail, and everyone who helped make the camp a success.

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