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Louisiana Department of Education Releases Virtual Learning Guides for Families and Educators

by Will Phillips

The Louisiana Department of Education has developed a new set of resources to support students participating in virtual learning. The Department released virtual instruction guides for educators and families. Each resource offers actionable steps educators and families can take to support high-quality instruction for students in a virtual learning setting.

“COVID-19 has forced more teachers and students online than ever before,” said State Superintendent of Education Dr. Cade Brumley. “We want to ensure students continue to receive high-quality instruction, and we are taking a lead role to improve online teaching and learning.”

The Department developed these resources alongside teachers, system leaders and stakeholder organizations. These guides will prompt a high bar of excellence for educators and students. They outline quality teaching expectations adapted for the virtual environment.

Both the virtual guide for families and educators include descriptions of what virtual instruction should look like, how students access the instruction, how to monitor student progress and how families and educators can best support student learning. Each guide also includes sample daily schedules for grades pre-k through 12.

Some of the virtual learning guidance includes:

  • Creating daily routines for students
  • Providing students regular opportunities to engage with school staff, teachers and peers
  • Helping families and students understand how to operate virtual platforms, tools and materials
  • Ensuring students continue to use high-quality instructional materials that support accessibility and high expectations
  • Offering families and students specific feedback on assignments at least weekly

“When school buildings first closed in March, educators responded with their best virtual options available at the time,” said Dr. Brumley. “Nothing will fully replace the instruction and engagement students receive from a quality teacher in the classroom. With more time to plan and with the support of the Department, I’m confident virtual instruction will take a large step forward for our students and families this fall.”

The Louisiana Department of Education is supporting systems and schools for the 2020-2021 school year through the Strong Start 2020 initiative. Just last week, the Department updated its comprehensive suite of resources for students with disabilities. The Department created a toolkit to provide systems and schools with resources, examples, and support as they implement their reopening plan. The Department released school reopening guidelines and resources in June.

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