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Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors Urges Home Buyers to Be Wary of “Too Good to be True” Property Opportunities

COVID-19 swept through the United States during peak home-buying season. Due to the national Stay-at-Home mandates, prospective home buyers turned to virtual tours to explore properties. This and other factors, such as historically low interest rates, have contributed to the nation’s housing market recovery after its plummet in April. According to Realtor.com’s Housing Market Recovery Index, the country saw an encouraging upward trend in housing interest in June. But before prospective home buyers leap at the opportunity to purchase a home they viewed digitally, Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors urges homebuyers to always have the property evaluated by a hands-on Louisiana licensed home inspector.

A licensed home inspector will perform a visual examination of the physical structure and major interior systems of the property to determine if there is any visible damage that may require maintenance or repairs. Homebuyers can access tools they need to make educated decisions about purchasing prospective real estate on LSBHI’s new, consumer-friendly website InspectLouisianaHomes.com. The website provides public education, information about home inspector licensing, and a comprehensive database of Louisiana Home Inspectors. To learn more about why you should “Inspect Before You Buy,” watch the LSBHI PSA!

During a home inspection, the visual examination is only half of the evaluation. A licensed home inspector is trained to look for possible damage and hazards a homeowner might not catch until the damage becomes more advanced; and will then diligently document the damage so the homebuyer can make confident purchasing decisions. A home inspection will include the following:

A visual examination of the major components and operating systems of the property

An unbiased and professional opinion of the condition of the property, documentation of significant visible deficiencies found on the day of the inspection, professional recommendations, and specialized knowledge for a more informed home purchasing decision.

In 2001, the Louisiana Legislature passed a law requiring all persons performing home inspections to be licensed by the State of Louisiana. This mandate protects the health and safety of prospective homebuyers because they receive a thorough evaluation of the home and its operating systems.

The Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors is the only organization authorized to license Louisiana Home Inspectors. “We are watching an unprecedented rise in the housing market,” says LSBHI chief operating officer Morgan Spinosa. “But when home buyers rush to purchase a home, they can forget how important it is to have it inspected by a licensed home inspector.”

Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors (LSBHI) regulates residential resale home inspections in Louisiana. Their mission is to protect the safety, health, property, and welfare of the general public. LSBHI currently licenses over 300 professional home inspectors statewide that are trained, ready, and willing to serve the public make an informed home buying decision and offers a comprehensive database of licensed home inspectors, their service areas, and contact information on InspectLouisianaHomes.com.