As a freelance journalist it’s my job to report our local news without showing any bias, or real emotion, and at times that has proven to be quite challenging.

This past weekend, covering our annual Lumberjack Festival, has stirred feelings within myself that I can’t just ignore.

As I sauntered through the festival with my little cousin Harlow in tow, the sights, smells, and sounds woke up happy memories. When she sat to have her face painted, I thought back to a time when I sat there myself, choosing nearly the exact same butterfly to sit on my cheek.

Yet, something was missing.




  1. I agree. Next year the festival will qualify for a grant that was not available this year. This was a rebuilding year and next year will be even better. The festival had over 50 vendors yet how many were local? But that is another subject in itself. Everyone says there is nothing to do in Springhill but yet how many volunteered to help? I can answer that, not many!!!!!!!!!

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