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Man gets seven years in Dubberly theft case

by Minden Press-Herald

S. Strother

S. Strother

K. Strother

K. Strother

A man accused of racketeering entered a plea of guilty while the same charge was dismissed against his wife.

Assistant District Attorney Hugo Holland says Shannon Strother was sentenced to seven years at hard labor with the Louisiana Department of Corrections, consecutive to his current time, on the charge of racketeering, which included charges of theft, burglary and principal to identity theft.

The charges against his wife, Kimberly Fontenot Strother, were dismissed, he says.

“All three (Shannon and Kimberly Strother and Jimmy E. Nutt) were charged with racketeering,” he said. “I dismissed charges against his wife as he took full responsibility for the two racketeering predicates with which she was charged.”

The Strother couple, as well as Nutt, were charged in the burglary of a shop on Sand Plant Road in Dubberly, reported to the Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office in February. Detectives on the case say Nutt admitted that he and Shannon Strother took a welding machine and some tools, some of which were found on the front porch of the Highway 79 residence. Items stolen included 12-volt batteries and oilfield equipment from two different oilfield companies in February and April.

Additionally, the Strothers were accused of stealing from a bank and a loan company using fraudulent practices, according to court records. The two were accused of attempting to buy a car using Shannon Strother’s ex-wife’s name.

Shannon Strother was originally charged with principal to identity theft, in addition to the burglary charges. Kimberly Strother was originally charged with identity theft.

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