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Member Driven: 2023 Annual Meeting for Claiborne Electric

by Minden Press-Herald

Drive in and win – more than $20,000 in cash prizes planned

Claiborne Electric will host a drive-through Annual Meeting on June 10. 

The Co-op will have two sites available for members to register– one at Claiborne Electric’s headquarters office (12525 Hwy. 9 in Homer), and one at D’Arbonne Woods Charter School (9560 Hwy. 33 in Farmerville). On June 10, members can drive through a multi-lane site in either location to register for the meeting and be entered for all prize drawings. Drive-through registration will take place from 9 a.m. until noon.

At each location, members will drive in and remain in their vehicles through the registration process. Claiborne Electric employees will be directing members to lanes. After members are finished registering, they will be directed to the exit.    

“After the overwhelmingly positive response we received from members after our the past two years of drive-through meetings, we decided to use this format again,” said Claiborne Electric CEO and General Manager Mark Brown.  

For the registration process to flow smoothly, members are asked to bring the registration card they received by mail to the meeting, if possible. Members who bring their registration card will be entered into a drawing for a $500 gift card. 

Several cash prizes will be awarded after the conclusion of the meeting. Members who participate will be eligible for cash prizes of $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $4,000, and a grand prize of $5,000. Names will also be drawn for 50 $100 cash prizes. All prizes will be drawn after the conclusion of the meeting, and winners will be posted online and contacted directly. 

Brown said that as members arrive to the drive-through sites, they should try to have their registration card and photo ID ready to present.  

The primary member on the account must be the one to register and present identification. If a spouse will attend the meeting without the primary member, both spouses must visit a Claiborne Electric office before the Annual Meeting to form a Joint Membership. With a Joint Membership, either spouse can present I.D. and represent that membership at the meeting.

An organization that is a member of the Co-op may designate a person to attend the meeting to register on behalf of the organization. At registration, that person will need to present a letter on the organization’s letterhead and signed by the leader of the organization naming them as the representative for the organization.

“Please make plans to join us for a few minutes to participate in the 2023 Annual Meeting,” Brown said. “We look forward to seeing our members on June 10!”

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