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Minden Charity Classic raises over $60,000

by Amber McDown

The 2022 Minden Charity Classic golf tournament was held June 3-5 to raise money for the Minden Foundation and all the good work they do. This year they raised $60,521.

This golf tournament consists of two-person teams competing in divisions of similarly skilled players. Teams paid $1,100 to enter the contest or got a sponsor to pay the entry fee for them. In each division, first place won $1,500, second place won $1,000, third place won $750, and fourth place won $500.  In the event of a tie, the winnings were split. 

To add even more fun to the tournament, bets could be placed on teams after the first round was completed. This is referred to as the Calcutta. “They pool all the money,” said Mike Harper, a founding member of the Minden Foundation. “Generally, the cause takes 10% of it, and the rest is distributed to whoever wins.” Payouts for the Calcutta ranged from $596.25 to $2,925.00.

The divisions are organized from Fourth Flight division (players with the highest handicap) through the Championship division (players with the lowest handicap). 

For the Fourth Flight division, first place went to Dakota Haynes and Derek Cupples, second place went to Randy Stevenson and Matt Alexander, third place went to Donnie Irby and Danny Clanton, and fourth place went to Zach Goodman and Jordan Cupples. 

For the Third Flight division, first place went to Stan Ratcliff and Michael Ratcliff, second place went to Taylor Campbell and Jesse Waller, third place went to Rob Valentine and David Valentine, and fourth place was tied between two teams: Ryan Oglee with James Oglee and Terry Schlimgen with Jerry Bradford.

For the Second Flight division, first place went to Tyler Adams and Patrick Harbor, second place went to Mike Jewell and Murrell Procell, third place went to Guy Mandino and Tyler Mandino, and fourth place went to Caleb Hayden and Justin Wilkins.

For the First Flight division, first place went to Mike Woodard and Luke Guin, second place went to Marshall Harper and Adam Founds, third place went to Richard Randle and Casey Corley, and fourth place went to Gene Corley and Barry Hammons.

For the Presidential division, first place went to Marvin Jones and Mike Harper, second place went to Hubert Hippler and Tommy Sumner, third place went to Tim Vining and Kit Harbuck, and there was a four-way tie for fourth place: Ken Rams with Kevin Dutton, Bobby Taylor with Mike McNabb, John McConnell with John Earnhardt, and Chad Teague with Jack Teague.

And finally, for the Championship division, first place went to Lance McGuire and Dalton Gould, second place went to Brian Grubbs and Peyton Wells, third place went to Joe Ellis Michael and Scott Morgan, and fourth place was tied between two teams: James Hodges with Gavin Neatherland and Ryan Garcia with Matt Flynn.

The Minden Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit that was founded by Mike Harper, Mike Woodard & John Collins in 2004. The mission of the organization is to help people in the Minden area when they have a sudden & catastrophic financial need such as a house fire, accident, or devastating diagnosis. The primary means by which the organization raises funds is the Minden Charity Classic golf tournament & auction which takes place the first weekend after Memorial Day each year and the MF Shoot Out skeet shoot every autumn. The current board of directors consists of eight members: Andy Pendergrass, Candi Wimberly, Kristin Utphall, Patrick Miller, Jason Ogwyn, Zach Goodman, Angela Fussell & Braley Raborn. To find out more, or fill out an application for a person in need, visit

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