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Minden City Council Approves Dump Truck Financing and Police Promotions in Record-Short Meeting

by Minden Press-Herald

The June Minden City Council meeting took place at City Hall Monday evening and ended up being possibly the shortest city council meeting to take place, lasting a little over ten minutes from start to finish. The council voted on various matters of city business such as lease agreements, authorizing Mayor Nick Cox to enter in some agreements on behalf of the city, and the promotion of a Minden Police Officer. 

The council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution regarding a lease purchase agreement for the purpose of financing a dump truck. “We had a dump truck on order, and thanks to COVID it took two and a half years or so to get it in, and it just arrived, and now we have to pay for it,” said Mayor Cox.  

Shortly after that the council voted unanimously to allow the mayor to enter into a maintenance agreement between the city and the State of Louisiana DoTD Office of Engineering. Essentially, every year the City of Minden has to contract with the state of Louisiana to cut and maintain their right-of-ways. 

The council also voted to allow the mayor to enter into a cooperative endeavor agreement with the Cotton Valley Police Department. “The police department has two Tahoes that have reached, basically, the end of their lifespan, probably times two. They’re ready to surplus out, and we’re able to do a cooperative endeavor agreement with a small community that really needs them,” said Mayor Cox. 

Police Lieutenant Keith King, Jr., upon recommendation by Police Chief Jared McIver and a unanimous vote of approval from the council, was promoted to the rank of Police Captain. King has been working with the Minden Police Department since 2001 and has passed his Fire and Police Civil Service Board Captain Examination.

The Minden City Council meeting takes place on the first Monday of each month, starting at 6 PM at the Minden Civic Center. The meetings are open for the public to attend, and for those who wish to view the meeting live or after the fact, it is live streamed on the City of Minden’s Facebook page and YouTube channel titled City of Minden – Feels Like Home.

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