Minden Welcomes its Newest Small Business, Water Tree

Minden welcomed a new business on Tuesday called Water Tree, owned by Durwyn and Niya Flournoy, that specializes in water and wellness products. The Greater Minden Chamber as well as countless other community leaders came out to their Ribbon Cutting Ceremony as a show of support for Minden’s newest small business. 

To open, David Specht, Chairman of the GMC said, “ I know it’s no small feat to get a business open, and we are so excited not only that you’re here, but if you turn round and look at the community support that you already have, we’re looking forward to the service you bring to the community, to healthier living for all of us, and the growth of the community as a whole.”

Countless others spoke up in order to share their appreciation for the new business putting their time and resources into the City of Minden.

“We are always excited to welcome new business. The thing that I work for as well as our City Council works for is to grow our community. This shows that growth in our community, and we appreciate Water Tree investing their time, their energy, and their money here in the City,” said Mayor Terry Gardner.

“Y’all sell a healthy product, you’re centrally located right here, are easy to get into, and I’m hoping you’ll deliver right next door. But again, from the Mayor’s Office and our entire City COuncil, we welcome you, and if there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.”

Councilman Terika Williams-Walker of Dist. B. said, “I just want to say welcome. I know the family, been knowing them for a long time. It’s great to see another black business here, right here, in Downtown Minden, so I applaud you and we will be supporting you.”

Given the business’s location in Downtown Minden, Mahalla Hutton, Director of Downtown Development said, “Welcome to Downtown Minden. We are so very happy that you chose this part of the community to place your business, it’s the heart of the community, and we are so thankful you’re here and look forward to working with you.”

Brenda Autry, Representing the Louisiana Legislature said, “ Welcome, best wishes, and if there’s anything that we can help you with, feel free to call our office, we’re always available.

When it came his time to speak, one of the owner’s of Water Tree Durwyn Flournoy explained the positive effects that he had seen on his life after drinking this water, and why he wanted to share that with the residents of Minden. 

“I’m a Minden native, and I’ve been drinking alkaline water for over eight years. When I was 13, I had my spleen and gallbladder removed. When I was young, I never really paid attention to my body, so I got sick a lot.”

After being introduced to the water and seeing the positive effects it had on his health, Durwyn was inclined to find out how to share it with the City of Minden. This included volunteering at a similar business for three years so he could gain a deeper understanding of how the business worked. 

“I understand that when you plant a seed, that seed grows in the darkness for a long period of time before it will come to the light. So you’re sacrifice, you’re hard work that you do, as long as you stay positive and stay humble, it will manifest.”

Water Tree is located on 113 East Union Street, and they can be contacted by calling 318-382-3047.


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