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Missing elderly woman in Springhill found with Grandson after visiting lawyer

File Photo | Webster Parish Sheriff's Office

Earlier in December the Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office was advised of a missing elderly female in Springhill. A Deputy was dispatched to assist Springhill PD in locating the individual. Shortly there after they were notified of one Brandon Rogers, 38, who was at the WPSO with his grandmother. According to the booking report, the grandmother “appeared confused and did not know where she was.”

Through the investigation it was found that Rogers, who is banned from the grandmother’s residence by SPD, had gotten his girlfriend and friend to take her from her home in the morning between her home healthcare workers shift change in order to take her to a lawyer and change power of attorney from his sister over to himself. 

The report went on to say that Rogers stated, “ he had picked up Rutledge from her residence in Springhill and took her to an appointment with his lawyer. Rogers advised that he took Rutledge and had Power of Attorney removed from his sister and had him named as the new power of attorney.”

Separating the two, the Deputy spoke with the grandmother away from Rogers. According to the report she stated that “she did not know what paperwork she had signed earlier and that she was with her nephew who was not a good person, [she] was unaware she was with her grandson.”

During the investigation, Rogers admitted to using his grandmother’s debit card to purchase automotive parts, groceries and a lawn edger (which was returned to the store for cash). 

Contact was made with the sister who holds power of attorney and according to the report she, “advised there have been past incidents with her brother stealing from their grandmother and had been banned from her residence by Springhill Police Department.”

“[She] also advised that [the grandmother] has severe dementia and provided medical paperwork stating the fact along with copies of the Springhill Police Reports past incidents.”

She told the interviewer that while there are health workers at home with her during the day, that she was picked up during a shift change. “[Rogers] admitted to having his girlfriend and his friend go to [the grandmother’s] residence and pick her up.”

During the investigation the grandmother’s pink robe and pajamas were found in the suspect’s friend’s vehicle. When questioned, it was revealed that when she was removed from her residence a change of clothes was taken as well and she had to change at a different location. “[Rogers] advised that the reason for this was because he was banned from her property.”

When she was taken to the lawyer’s office, she “paid an amount of $400 for the change of power of attorney and paid an additional $200 to have the paperwork filed with the Clerk of Courts office. When I spoke to [the grandmother] she did not remember paying money to a lawyer and wanted [the sister] to come get her because she was confused and ready to go home.”