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Opening parade and ceremony held for REC Center’s 2024 baseball & softball season

by Minden Press-Herald

The Minden REC Center baseball fields were jam-packed on Monday evening due to the opening ceremony and parade they hosted to give their players a proper welcome to the 2024 baseball season. “We’re very excited. Our numbers are up in baseball and softball. I think it has to do with our World Series champions, The Dixie Darlings,” said Mike Aguilar, assistant director for Minden Parks and Recreation. “We’re having this opening day parade. We started it last year, it went great, and the kids loved it. It’s a great day, we’re going to have an even better season, and we’re looking forward to the food, fun, and friends that we’ve got here at the Minden REC Center.”

The event also saw the first pitches for many of the games thrown by local elected officials who came out to show support for the REC Center and the players. “This is something in our community that unifies kids and families. The more kids that are involved with sports, the more that will be kept out of trouble,” said Minden Police Chief Jared McIver. Mayor Nick Cox added, “Not only is it fun, but they’re also out here learning valuable life skills like how to work hard, collaborate with one another as a team, and sportsmanship.”

The Minden REC Center holds a special place in the hearts of the people of this city. Whether it’s the memories of watching loved ones play sports, or even themselves playing sports, it’s invigorating for new and returning players to take part in pastimes that many hold dear. For those interested in looking into the REC Center’s other sports programs, for kids and adults, check out their website at mindenrec.org.

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