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Police bust Family Dollar shoplifter

Meth charges added during arrest

A pursuit of shoplifters turned into a discovery of methamphetamine Friday as a Minden man reportedly stole from the Family Dollar on East Union Street and was met by Minden police officers at his residence.

Paul Frasier, 48, allegedly took items from the Family Dollar without paying. When officers arrived at the store, the manager gave them a license plate number, which pointed to an address on the 1100 block of Bonnie Lane.

Officers went to the address and waited for the reported vehicle to arrive. Frasier arrived and informed the officers he had been to the Family Dollar with his wife, but his story continued to shift. Frasier was handcuffed and told his rights.

Officers went into the residence with Frasier’s sister-in-law and found a plastic bag commonly used to hold illegal narcotics lying in plain sight. Frasier informed officers the bag had contained methamphetamine.

Frasier told officers where more illegal drugs could be found in the residence. It was later discovered Frasier also had an active warrant out with the Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office for theft.

Frasier was booked on charges of theft, possession of Schedule I and Schedule II controlled substances, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was transported to Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center.
Frasier told officers he wanted to get help with his drug addiction.