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Preston announces bid for La. State Senator

by Minden Press-Herald

Editor’s Note: The following is a political announcement submitted to the Minden Press-Herald. Any candidate for office may submit an announcement that meets the published guidelines of this newspaper.

I, Mattie Preston, am a candidate for Louisiana State Senator. I am a native of Minden. I graduated from Webster High School. After graduation I took the Greyhound bus to California where I resided the next 18 years.

While there I earned a B.A. degree from the College of Notre Dame, in Belmont, California. My major was Politics, Government, and Public Administration. 

I moved back home to Minden in the 80’s, where I have lived ever since. I became a licensed and ordained preacher, and presided as assistant pastor of a local church.

I am presently employed as a substitute teacher in the Webster Parish School System. I am happy that the teachers and support staff at these schools finally received a well deserved pay increase. I believe we must do likewise for our police officers and firemen. These brave men and women risk their lives for us. They are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice. 

As I campaign across this district, I encounter people who tell me that they don’t bother to vote, because it will not make any difference. That saddens me. Woodrow Wilson said, “The ear of the leader should be attuned to the voice of the people.”

A very close relative of mine relocated to Michigan. She complained about the high cost of auto insurance. 

Louisiana has the highest auto rates in the nation, second only to Michigan. 

I am told that there are citizens driving without insurance coverage because they can’t afford the premium. Others are struggling to maintain their coverage. That troubles me. 

When I first informed my daughter that I had made the decision to run for the office of senator, she replied, “Mom, you’ll make a good senator, because you are fair. You’ll side against your own kids if they are wrong.”

One situation that reeks of unfairness is that of the gender pay gap. Women working full time today on average earn 80.7 cents for every dollar a man earns. 

Someone said, “the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Let us endeavor to live out the last few words of our own Pledge of Allegiance, which reads, “Justice for all.”

There are many challenges facing us today. The cost of living is increasing while the income of many remains the same. A minimum wage that is insufficient. High taxes, and a myriad of other problems. 

Huge companies like Amazon and Netflix generate billions of dollars annually but pay next to no taxes, leaving the low and middle income taxpayers to make up the difference. 

However, these challenges are not insurmountable. If we work together, we can triumph over them.

As your senator, I will hope to hear from you. I will be accessible for your complaints, issues, or concerns as well as any suggestions or proposals for solutions. 

Let us unify and work together in order to create a better tomorrow for us all. 

Mattie Preston, candidate for La. State Senator, soliciting your vote. 

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