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Prioritizing early education was a big discussion at this month’s School Board

File Photo | Webster Parish School Board Office

The March Webster Parish School Board meeting began with presentations of new curriculums by JA Phillips and JL Jones. Representatives from both schools came to show how the priority will be making sure that 2nd graders are going into 3rd grade with a comprehension of the alphabet in order to develop reading skills. 

To do so, the schools are devising different programs to incentivize reading for students. Recently, a student, Riley Brown, got to be principal for a day after reaching an AR goal of 250 points. “She was given observation forms, and the teachers got the biggest kick out of getting their observations feedback from Riley,” said Mrs. Wallace of J.L. Jones about Brown’s day as Principal. They have also done other programs, such as scheduling a visit from the Minden High Basketball Team who came to read books to them.

Mrs. Glenda Broughton was accompanied by friends and family to her swearing-in as the Dist. 8 seats on the School Board, with Judge Cox officiating. After the event was memorialized with pictures, Mrs. Broughton took her seat with the board and the meeting continued.

The March 2020 Employee of the Month, presented by Rodney Taylor was awarded to Mr. Keith Taylor. “Keith works as a warehouseman for food services. Most people don’t realize how important Mr. Taylor’s position is for our school system. He makes sure that all food deliveries are made to all schools in the district and is the sole person responsible for checking all freezers and equipment rooms in cafeterias,” said Taylor. 

During his time at the end of the meeting, Superintendent Johnny Rowland shared a few words about who he thinks is the best pic for State Superintendent, Dr. Cade Brumley. “Number one he’s from North Louisiana,” said Rowland. “Then he became a Principal in DeSoto parish, and what he did there was he took the model they had, and under his leadership and guidance, along with his very capable staff, DeSoto parish went to a whole other level and that’s an understatement. He is universally regarded around the state as being someone that is an excellent educator, but also someone that will listen, someone that is definitely pro-public education, while having the savvy to be able to navigate what is going to be extremely political waters which a position like that will bring.”

The March 2, 2020 meeting of the Webster Parish School Board is held the first Monday of every month starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Webster Parish School Board Office. 

Ethan Tesnow Contributed to this article.