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Seeds Women’s Center director advocates for pregnancy center funding bill

by Amber McDown

In a heartfelt testimony last week at the Louisiana State Capitol, Amber Bradford, executive director of Seeds Women’s Center, shared her personal journey of how a pregnancy clinic changed her life 17 years ago when she was pregnant with her daughter. Bradford, now leading Seeds Women’s Center, spoke passionately about the impact of such centers and advocated for the passing of SB 278, a bill proposing state funding for pregnancy centers, adoption centers, and maternity homes.

Bradford highlighted the success stories from states like Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma, where similar bills have helped these centers thrive and serve more individuals in need. She emphasized the importance of providing a safe and non-judgmental space for women facing difficult decisions, much like the one she found at a pregnancy clinic years ago.

“My journey as a director at Seeds I can relate, understand, and share my story of how I made it and so can the women who are scared, upset, and not sure where to turn, have a safe, non-judgmental place as I did to be a part of like Seeds,” Bradford said.

Bradford’s testimony, along with that of another client from Life Choices, a Monroe-based pregnancy center, resonated with legislators, leading to the unanimous amendment of the bill by the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee and the Senate Health and Welfare Committee.

“This bill does not affect our ability to share God’s love by asking to pray with our clients and patients, sharing baby items that are donated to our center through our learn to earn programs, or hindering us from partnering with any faith-based programs,” Bradford clarified.

Currently, Seeds Women’s Center and 32 other pregnancy centers in Louisiana rely solely on donations. Bradford expressed her gratitude for the community’s support and urged continued backing for Seeds Women’s Center. If passed, SB 278 would enable these centers to expand their services, including educating women on prenatal and postnatal care, providing alternatives to abortion, and offering mom and dad classes.

“This was an amazing experience, and I am so humbled to be a part of it to help not only pregnancy centers but help be the change for Moms, Dads, and children,” Bradford concluded.

The bill now moves to Finance or to the Senate floor for a 2/3 vote. If it proceeds to Finance, Bradford will be invited back to share further insights with legislators about the crucial need for the bill’s passage.

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