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Self Crowned Apache Princess 2020

Friday evening, fourteen young women competed for the coveted title of Apache Princess. The chance to represent the school, along with the added bonus of an excellent parking spot, was wanted by all the contestants, but Alyssa Martin, the 2019 Apache Princess could only pass on he crown to one.

The title of 2020 Apache Princess went to Glenbrook Sophomore Haley Self. “Haley is a beautiful and intelligent girl who is so deserving of the title! I know she will represent Glenbrook very well,’’ said 2019 Apache Princess Alyssa Martin.

“I absolutely loved representing Glenbrook as the 2019 Apache Princess! Throughout this experience, I took on many leadership roles in the school and the community. I will never forget my year of reign.”

There were other awards presented alongside the crown. Molly Fowler took home the title of Miss Congeniality. This award is determined by the other contestants, being the girl whom they regard as the most pleasant or kind presence among the competitors. 

Second Runner Up was a tie between Emma Pitman and Emma Earnheart, both sophomores at Glenbrook School. First Runner Up was awarded to Anna Claire Lemoine, also a sophomore at Glenbrook School. 

Haley Bonsall, Director of Apache Princess, ensured that the stage was well decorated and chose some talented people and groups to treat the audience to some entertainment along with the pageant, including Makenzie Branton, Jason and Caroline Thurman, the Elementary Lip Sync Winners, and the Glenbrook Choir.

Adeline Phillips contributed to this article.