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“Truth Be Told” podcast affirming faith in America

Congressman Mike Johnson and his wife, Kelly, recently released their first podcast in a series entitled “Truth Be Told” to, as Mike said, “review current events through the lens of eternal truth.”

Mike Johnson represents fifteen parishes in northwest Louisiana in the U.S. Congress and he also has almost twenty years’ experience litigating constitutional law cases. Kelly Johnson, a former Webster Parish teacher, is a licensed pastoral counselor. Together they would like to use this platform to “educate, empower, and equip more people to stand for their faith and help defend these precious freedoms that we have,” said Mike.

“For more than two decades now, we’ve been working together on the front lines of the culture,” Kelly said. “We became more burdened over the years by what was happening in our country and our communities, and that led to us presenting seminars,” Mike continued. “Most or all of the problems we’re facing right now are symptoms of a larger root problem. I think the problem is that we’ve forgotten who we are.”

In their first podcast, the Johnsons talk about why America is so great and the significance of our inalienable rights—the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Their position is that a biblical worldview is the foundation of the country. 

“If there’s no God to endow us with our rights, where do our rights come from? Government. So the government becomes our god. If the government gave you your rights, then guess what—the government can take them away,” Mike said. “Right now we no longer believe that the purpose of government is to secure our God-given rights which the Constitution stated. Instead, it is to determine and grant us our rights. We’ve replaced Father God with Mother Nature and Uncle Sam.”

“With the growing unrest, the growing fears of so many people, the growing recognition that we’re just terribly off-course as a nation somehow, I think it is inevitable now that the pendulum is about to swing. The question is this:  in what direction?” asked Mike. “This is a very important time—for all believers, for patriots, for everyone who loves and cherishes what it means to be an American—to be prepared with an answer. We need to understand and remind ourselves about our core principles so we can pass them along to the next generation.”

Their first episode, “Can America be Saved?,” has already been ranked in the top 5% for podcasts. When asked why he thought it was so popular, Mike said, “There’s not a lot of people taking a biblical perspective on current events and issues. The vast majority of people in this country still agree with these old, time-honored values that we believe in and have been raised on. I think it’s refreshing [for them] to hear voices that affirm that.” 

Another aspect that people admire about Mike and Kelly’s podcast is its air of hopefulness. “We have to be hopeful. We have to be optimistic,” Mike said. “We live in the greatest country in the world, and we’re convinced that God is not done with America yet. We have no choice—we have to fix this country. We’ve got to preserve our freedoms. And we believe we can, so it’s hopeful because that’s who we are.”

The Johnsons’ intent is to have their podcast reflect their family dinner-table conversations. “We want to be talking about things that are really meaningful to people—that has application to their life,” said Mike. 

The second episode, “What is ‘Conservatism’ and Why Does It Matter So Much?,” was released last week. In upcoming episodes, they will discuss a broad range of topics, including one they had planned on the long term effects of unresolved childhood trauma. “This is right in line with the stuff Kelly has been studying and trying to help people with,” Mike said. “I’m really excited to ask questions of her—pick her brain a bit. She does all this marriage and family counseling. She has such great insight.”

“Truth Be Told” can be found on most podcasting platforms, including Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts.