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Two jailed for theft, battery, drugs

by Minden Press-Herald

Arrests stem from debt confrontation

Two Minden people were arrested after an incident involving an unpaid debt escalated to a charge of simple theft, among others.

Nicollette Walker, 21, of South Fairview, and Ledarius Stanley, 32, of Dewberry Lane were both arrested Wednesday by Webster Parish Sheriff deputies.

The arrests stem from an incident on Kennedy Lane in Minden, where Walker and Stanley confronted the victim, who has cerebral palsy, at his place of work, about money owed to Walker, according to reports at the time of the arrest.

During the confrontation, the report said, Walker and Stanley grabbed the victim and took money out of his pockets.

The amount of money taken was more than $100. The pair was later arrested on Bayou Avenue.

During booking, Stanley admitted to going with Walker to confront the victim about the debt. He said he was involved in a verbal argument, but denied touching the victim. He said after Walker took the money, he drove the two of them away.

Walker admitted to going into the victim’s pocket and taking money from him, the report said. During the investigation, however, Walker became combative and refused to return to the interrogation room. She had to be physically restrained and placed back in handcuffs.

Police found $121 cash and 12 pills identified as Xanax (Alaprozalam) in Walker’s wallet. Stanley was found to be in possession of 4 Xanax pills.

Walker was charged with Simple robbery, Battery of the Infirmed, Resisting by Force or Violence, and Possession of a Schedule 4 CDS with Intent to Distribute.

Stanley was charged with Simple Robbery, Battery of the Infirmed, and Posession of a Schedule 4 CDS.

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