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Victim Dies in Hospital, Third Juvenile Suspect Detained in Ongoing Investigation of Chateau Normandy Shooting

File Photo | Minden Police

Ty’Quan Morris, 17, who was shot multiple times at the Chateau Normandy Apartments Sunday morning passed away Tuesday evening after being taken off of life support. Two of the juveniles involved in the shooting have been arrested, and a third was detained Wednesday morning.

“We’ve arrested two, and a third juvenile listed as a person of interest has been detained. We followed up on what he told us and his story didn’t pan out, so we obtained a warrant for that juvenile,” said Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper.

Cropper also mentioned that the gun used in the shooting had been reported as stolen less than three weeks ago from a citizen’s truck, and the individual had reported the suspects by name.

“The gun was reported stolen less than 3 weeks ago. The individual reporting the gun stolen mentioned the two juveniles by name,” said Cropper. “Being the one that stole it and the one that took possession of it. The shooter was the one we were told had ended up in possession of the firearm.”

The Chief stated that the juveniles involved, both the victim and the suspects, had been friends beforehand.

“It was a very sad senseless act and these young men involved were all friends to my understanding. Ran around together, and hung out together,” said Cropper.

Cropper stated that from the information they gathered, the two juveniles had “Been pushing each other back and forth during that early morning. I don’t know how it got out of hand, but the young man that pulled the gun said he was going to run up on him, and he wasn’t going to let him run up on him.”

Charges against the assailants will soon be changed from attempted second-degree homicide to second-degree murder. Minden Police Department has charged the two suspects, 15, and 17, and are being held at Ware Youth Detention Center. 

After the victim passed away he was sent to Little Rock for an autopsy to recover bullet fragments needed as evidence for the investigation according to Chief Cropper.