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Webster Parish Libraries host solar eclipse programs

by Amber McDown

Webster Parish Libraries are hosting a series of engaging programs centered around the much-anticipated 2024 solar eclipse. Across various library branches in the parish, attendees have been participating in craft and chalk days, engaging in discussions about eclipses, and creating models depicting a solar eclipse. These events commenced on March 27 and have been well-received by the community.

The upcoming events promise to be equally exciting. On April 2, from 10 until 11 AM, the Minden branch will host a Solar Eclipse Storytime, offering an educational and entertaining experience for attendees. Following this, on April 3 from 3:30 until 4:30 PM, the Heflin branch will feature a “Making a UV Detector” session, providing participants with an opportunity to explore scientific concepts related to the eclipse.

The culminating event, a Solar Eclipse Viewing, is scheduled to take place at the Minden branch on April 8, from noon until 1 PM. Attendees will have the unique chance to witness the eclipse and will each receive a pair of solar eclipse viewing glasses for safe observation.

These programs not only offer a fun and educational experience for attendees but also highlight the importance of science and astronomy in our community.

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