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Webster Parish Library hosts gingerbread house decorating

by Will Phillips

Kids and parents are expressing their holiday cheer through crafting Gingerbread Houses at the Webster Parish Library every Monday evening this month. 

This is only the third year, but what started as a single-day event has turned into multiple days throughout the month of Dec. “We’re doing Gingerbread Houses again, this is the second time we’ve done them this month. We have another two that are already booked up, the second that we posted these dates online, all four days were filled,” said Jennifer Heard of the Webster Parish Library. 

The days are booked and there is a long waiting list. However, due to the popularity of the event, many other Webster Parish libraries will be hosting similar Gingerbread Making events. Also, Heard is planning on doubling the number of days they will be doing it next year. 

“The first year we only did it one time, then it grew because so many people wanted to get in. We actually had 40 people in this room the first time. This is the third year of doing it, and next year we’re going to do it again with more days. Instead of just four, we’ll have probably eight or nine,” said Heard.

While preparing for this event can be taxing according to Heard, she says that helping parents and kids make Christmas memories together makes it all worth it. 

“Being able to see the parents come in with the kids and create a giant mess and make these memories is what makes all of this worth it. It’s a very labor-intensive thing for me, but just seeing dads come in with their daughters or mothers come in with their sons, who are usually in and out picking up books or playing on the computer, and actually sit down and create something with their kids makes it all worth it,” said Heard.

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