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Williams to be new Director of Homeland Security and Preparedness for Webster Parish

Juliuna Anderson

Special to the Minden Press-Herald

Jenny Duke, Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness for Webster Parish publicly announced her resignation at Tuesday’s Webster Parish Police Jury meeting. Brian Williams was appointed by Police Jury president Jim Bonsall to take on the position.

Duke is taking on a new position in Philadelphia, PA.

 “I’m leaving a lot sooner than I had ever expected,” Duke said as she joins her husband in Pennsylvania.

“Most recently alongside the Jury members, I have been so grateful for my opportunity here and I am proud of what I’ve established for our parish. This move is an exciting one for me, but also quite bittersweet, as I’ve been a North Louisiana resident my entire life. This is a great opportunity to do more for my family and I sincerely thank everyone for their support,” Duke said.

Williams has close to twenty years of experience in fire service. He serves as the Fire Chief for Dixie , worked as an EMT, and has worked with the Shreveport Fire Department. He also has experience with grant management. 

“Since I’ve been in Dixie Inn we’ve purchased over a million dollars worth of equipment at little to no cost to our residents. I’ve lowered their taxes since I’ve been the Fire Chief and I’m eager to learn more of what Jenny’s showed me in the last year,” Williams said.

Williams will officially take the position June 14.