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WPSB expenditures approved in April

by Amber McDown

During the April 3 school board meeting, the Webster Parish School Board approved a number of expenditures to help maintain and improve campuses across Webster Parish.

Precision Construction & Contracting LLC was awarded the total contract amount of $900,178 for making softball improvements at Lakeside Jr/Sr High School. The funding source will be the Consolidated District #3 Maintenance Fund.

Also being paid out of the Consolidated District #3 Maintenance Fund are some improvements for Central Elementary School. Mechanical Concepts will be replacing a Daikin compressor and inverter board in the 5th grade wing. The cost will be $7,540.36. And invoices from Mechanical Concepts will be paid for replacing a low-pressure switch and refrigerant ($3,761.02), replacing a compressor and inverter board ($7,540.36), and replacing a master compressor ($6,330.51).

Doyline High School will be paying Mechanical Concepts $12,041.41 for replacing a compressor, inverter board, coil, 4-way valve, and refrigerant in the elementary wing using the Doyline Maintenance Fund.

Jones Elementary School will be purchasing a trimmer for $270 and a backpack blower for $486 from Holmont using the District #6  ½ Cent Sales Tax Fund.

Minden High School will be paying an invoice amount of $3,424.71 from Johnson Controls for replacing the control board in AHU 7. Minden High will also be purchasing a washer/dryer combo from Lowes for the special ed classroom in the amount of $1,798. Both of these expenditures will be paid out of the District #6  ½ Cent Sales Tax Fund.

The Shongaloo Building Fund will be used to pay an invoice of $3,600 from Mechanical Cooling Services for replacing the Spyder control for the VAV in the art room at North Webster Lower Elementary School. 

The Webster Parish School Board continually seeks to improve and maintain their campuses across the parish to give students excellent environments to learn in. School board meetings are open to the public. The next meeting will be held at the school board office on May 1, 2023, at 6 PM.

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