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WPSB maintenance expenditures approved in November

Shown left to right (front row) Susan Addington, Margaret Edens, Debbie Thomas, Johnnye Kennon, Glenda Broughton, Linda Kinsey, Jana Watson (back row) Jerry Lott, Charles Strong, Johnny Rowland, Jonathan Guthrie, Ronnie Rhymes (not shown: Jerri Lee)

As part of the effort to keep Webster Parish schools well-maintained, a number of maintenance and purchase expenditures were approved during the November 6 meeting of the Webster Parish School Board.

The Consolidated District #3 Maintenance Fund will be used to pay $1,525 to Stewart Electric Co. for repairing damaged wiring to the sewer plant at Central Elementary School. 

Using the same Consolidated District #3 Maintenance Fund, Lakeside Jr/Sr High School will be purchasing a new scoreboard for the junior high gym from Rainey Electronics for $5,343, ryegrass seed (12 bags) for $1,380 from Minden Farm and Garden to overseed the baseball field, and an ice machine for the football dressing room for $6,634.69 from Hodges Services. The fund will also be used to pay Hitman Designs $3,300 to resurface the gym doors and trophy case at Lakeside.

The Doyline Maintenance Fund will be used to pay for a number of services including $4,900 to Innovative Lawn Works for overseeding the baseball and softball fields, $65,854.50 to Lynch’s Lawn and Fence for installing various security gates and fences around Doyline’s campus, $9,917.89 to Mechanical Concepts for repairs to the Daiken HVAC in the junior high wing, $1,658.36 to Diversifire, Inc. for repairing the school intercom system and another $1,432,20 for repairing the gym intercom/paging system,$2,100 to Gentry & Holder Floors, Inc. for screening and recoating the gym floor, and $15,260 to Mechanical Cooling for repairs to another Daikin HVAC.

Using the District #6 ½ Cent Sales Tax Fund, Minden High School will be making the following purchases for the softball complex: a washer and dryer from Southern Pipe for $980.26, an ice machine from Hodges Service for $6,634.69, and a 60” Exmark mower from Hol-Mont Sales and Rentals for $10,948.98. Minden High will also be paying Homeland Safety Systems $1,161.83 for installing a classroom camera, Fitzgerald Contractors $6,435.20 for repairing a water leak at the football stadium, and Johnson Controls $3,048.63 for cleaning fan coils in rooms 215-219.

Also using the District #6 ½ Cent Sales Tax Fund, Webster Jr High School will be paying Mechanical Cooling Services $74,040 for Phase Two of the Controls Project, and Phillips Elementary school will be paying the same company $2,800 for an HVAC compressor and dryer.

The Springhill Maintenance Fund will be used to pay for the following repairs at Brown Upper Elementary school: $7,700 for replacing a 4-ton classroom HVAC to Mechanical Cooling Service and $6,120 for repairing sticking classroom doors to A & A Building Specialties, Inc. Also using this fund, North Webster High School will pay Fitzgerald Contractors $16,400 for repairing a leaking 3” pipe at the football stadium and Gentry & Holder Floors $3,910 for screening and recoating the varsity gym floor.

The Webster Parish School Board continually seeks to keep the campuses in Webster Parish well maintained. Anyone is welcome to observe the school board in action during their regular meetings. The next school board meeting will be held on December 4 at 6 PM at the Lakeside Jr/Sr High School campus.