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Brothers arrested after one gives the other a gun during traffic stop

by Minden Press-Herald

In early Feb. a traffic stop conducted by a Webster Sheriff Deputy ended in the arrest of two brothers Jeffery Lard, 51, and Cassalis Lard, 51, after the deputy noticed a handgun that the Lard’s failed to make them aware of. 

The deputy stopped the vehicle along Highway 531 after it was discovered that the license plate in the vehicle was both expired and belonged to another vehicle. After stopping the Lard’s the deputy asked them to exit the vehicle in order to conduct a standardized field sobriety test. It was then that the deputy noticed the gun on the floor board.

“As Jeffery exited the car, in plain view I could see a small black handgun on the floorboard. Jeffrey and Cassalis were both detained in handcuffs for officer safety and advised of their rights per miranda,” the booking report stated.

This gun would end up causing both Lard’s to receive charges, due to the brothers admitting to the deputy that Cassalis gave the handgun to Jeffery when they were being pulled over.

“Jeffery stated the gun belonged to his brother Cassalis. He said Cassalis gave him the gun when they were being pulled over. Jeffery knowingly took possession of the firearm and did not tell officers there was a weapon in the vehicle. I only knew of the gun because I happened to see it as Jeffery was exiting the car,” the booking report stated.

In the booking report for Cassalis, they ended up confirming what Jeffery had told the deputy, stating, “Cassalis stated that he handed Jeffery the gun when he was getting pulled over.”

On top of failing to mention the gun, Jeffery also had an opened can of Natural Light that he was drinking in the vehicle. 

Both were later transported to the BDCC, with Jeffery being charged with possession of a firearm by a felon and driving with an open container, and Cassalis being charged with supplying a felon with a firearm, switching tags, driving under suspension, as well as it being discovered that he had multiple warrants out for his arrest from both Bienville and Minden law enforcement. 

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