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Council elects Pro Mayor Tempore and accepts REC Booster Club

While the vote on the removal of the T.C. Bloxom Memorial Fields sign at the Minden Rec Center may have been the most noteworthy subject to come from the January meeting of the Minden City Council, it wasn’t the only item worth noting. The council also voted in a new Pro Mayor Tempore, appointed people to commissions, and moved to officially accept the Minden REC Booster Club.

One of the first items on the agenda was to elect a Mayor Pro Tempore for 2020. Councilman Terika Williams-Walker of Dist. B motioned for Councilman Herbert Taylor of Dist. A to be the Tempore, with a second from Councilman Vincen Bradford of Dist. C. Councilman Keith Beard of Dist. D then made an alternative nomination and called for Bradford to be the Mayor Pro Tempore. Councilman Pam Bloxom of Dist. E seconded the motion and shared some of her thoughts on why she thought Bradford would be the best choice. 

“Mr. Bradford last year has retired from his work and is therefore much more available to take over the Mayor position if something were to happen to Mayor Gardner. I believe that, along with the experience that Mr. Bradford has, that the city would be better served,” said Bloxom.

The motion for Bradford to become the Tempore ultimately failed to pass, with only two voting in favor and three voting against, but the motion for Taylor passed, with three voting in favor, those being Bradford, Taylor, and Walker, and two opposed, those being Beard and Bloxom.

The next items on the agenda were in regard to appointing replacements to the Minden Main Street Program and Minden Planning Commission.

The first item was to appoint Ronald Swafford to Replace Thomas Adams on the Minden Main Street Board. There was a motion made by Councilman Taylor to table the matter for later, for reasons relating to getting equal district representation on these commissions. This was seconded by Councilman Walker, who shared her thoughts on the matter.

“Like I said in the workshop, we said before that we would have a representative from each district. That’s why it needs to be tabled, because my district is not represented on that committee,” said Waker. “And you have someone in mind?” asked Bloxom “I do,” responded Walker.

She was then asked by the Mayor if she would share the name of the person she had in mind, and she responded, “Not right now.”

The motion to table the matter ultimately passed, with three in favor and two opposed.

The next item was to appoint Steve Wilson to replace Linda Miller on the Minden Planning Commission. This passed with four voting in favor and Councilman Walker voting against. 

The Council also voted on whether or not to formally adopt the Minden REC Booster Club.

Walker stated that she was ok with accepting it, but with the understanding that it should incorporate all of Minden Parks & Recreation. “The Minden REC Complex should not be the main focus of the booster club when we have other parks and recreation places,” said Walker.

“That is a big undertaking. You’re asking me to create an entire organization to include all parks and rec for the entire city when I’ve got 6 people on my board,” responded Joel Gray, President of the Minden REC Booster Club, “The intent of the booster club is for the Minden REC. Like I’ve told you personally, I have a two-year plan to incorporate all of parks and rec but the focus now is to raise funds for Minden REC. However, we as a booster club believe that the REC complex can be a catalyst for economic development, and further the growth of Minden.” 

Walker continued to insist that it should be inclusive of the other ballparks as well. “I’m saying it should be inclusive of the other two recreation ballparks. Because even if you’re doing travel ball as a tournament, those other ballparks can be utilized,” said Walker.

“We’ve already had donations to Ewell Park to try and get a batting cage out there. So we’re already incorporating other parks, but, again, the sole focus is to raise money for the REC with sub-committees to come,” responded Gray.

Later during the discussion, Councilman Bloxom revealed that even if they accepted the Booster Club, they wouldn’t be able to change the by-laws.

“So, you’re saying that the way the bylaws were created, the booster club answers to no one? Yet they want to do things with the City property, so the Booster Club will have to answer to the Council,” said Walker.

Bloxom responded, “The booster club will have to have the Council’s permission to spend the money but the Council cannot dictate how the by-laws are to be changed for the booster club.”

“I said if we do this, it’s with the understanding that whatever changes need to be made then we would do it,” said Walker.

The motion to accept the booster club ultimately passed with Beard, Bloxom, and Taylor voting in favor and Walker and Bradford voting against. 

The Minden City Council Meetings take place the first Monday of every month at the Civic Center starting at 5:30 p.m. The meetings are open to the public.