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Farewells and certificates awarded at this month’s Police Jury meeting

by Will Phillips

The December meeting of the Police Jury was like any other, but for Jurors Jerri Lee of Dist. #9 and Dustin Mosley of Dist. #12, it would be the last time they would be casting votes, at least for this term.

Near the end of the December Regular Meeting of the Police Jury, some Jurors chose to use their time for comments at the end of the meeting to express goodwill towards their colleagues as they bid farewell. 

Juror Nick Cox of Dist #8 was the one to kick off the kind words. “Mrs. Lee, I was thinking about it earlier, you’re a teacher by heart. I will say that I appreciate when I got on the Jury, you really tried to mentor me and show me the way on certain things. It was very helpful. I sincerely appreciate what you’ve done for our parish, and what you did for me personally as a new juror.  I think as far as jurors go, there may be some as good, but none any better,” said Cox.

“I am going to miss Jerri, we were traveling partners. We received the name all over the state, the twins, and I affectionately called her my sidekick. If she was without me, they would say where is your twin, and if I was without her, they would say the same thing. I will miss Jerri at the Jury, but we will still be friends,” said Vera Davison.

In response to these comments and her departure from the Jury, Lee stated that she was going to keep things short as to not leave the meeting “boohooing.” “It has been a sincere honor to have been of service to our community, to our parish, and particularly to Dist. #9 these past few terms. I’ll have to admit that at times it was challenging, but I really acknowledge that it has been an experience that I’ll never forget. I shall always appreciate the relationships that we developed and the experiences that we shared during this period of time, and I am going to miss all of you and wish Dustin well, but I also want to encourage you to continue to be productive, professional, and the servants that we need in this parish and in this country,” said Lee.

In regards to Mosley’s departure, Cox said, “Dustin, you know, when we got on the Jury together, me, you, and Bernard were the new kids, and we had a good time. I appreciate your hard work. I know you work really hard for your district and the parish.”

In reference to his leaving of the jury, Mosley said, “I’ll just say it’s been a  privilege to serve with all of you, it’s been a privilege to serve district twelve. I’ve learned. I would like to recognize my replacement in the audience, Ed Jordan. He’s going to be taking my spot, so wish him well. “

Near the end of the meeting, President of the Police Jury Jim Bonsall shared a few words. “It’s been a good year. We didn’t get everything I wish we could have, but it’s been a good year. I appreciate everything that y’all are doing. 

Dustin, I hate to see you go. Your replacement has some big shoes to fill. You stood in there and fought toe-to-toe when you needed to and I didn’t always agree with you but I respected you for it,” said Jim Bonsal,

“Jerri has been on here a little longer than Dustin, but Jerri is going to be really missed with the Office of Community Services. There’s going to be some big shoes to fill there too. We’re gonna miss you for that especially.”

At this point, Bonsall presented them with Certificates of Appreciation for all that they’ve done on service to the community and were met with a round of applause from those in attendance of the meeting. 

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