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Minden City Council Meeting continues to be put on hold due to lack of quorum

File Photo | Minden City Hall

Following the trend of prior meetings, the only Councilmen present for Thursday’s City Council meeting were Councilman Keith Beard of Dist. D and Councilman Pam Bloxom of Dist. E. In light of them continuing to not have enough present members for a quorum, the next Council Meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 11 at 10 a.m.

However, before ending the “meeting” Gardner expressed his appreciation towards the citizens of Minden for their help in curbing the spread of COVID-19.

“Covid-19 has put a strain on our community and our families mentally, physically, and spiritually. However, we are hopefully nearing an end to the pandemic. I just want to thank everyone for doing their part, from our medical staff, to our retail associates, and most importantly you, our citizens, because we could not come this far without out you, just as I cannot manage this city alone,” said Gardner.

“I have to have the Council’s help. This is the same for the epidemic. We could not be this far in front of the curve without you. No one cannot do it alone. Now more than ever, government, businesses, and citizens must cooperate to revitalize our community, and most importantly, our economy. I know we can do this because we are Minden strong. We are better together. We are still standing.”