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Minden man arrested for obstructing traffic and resisting arrest

by Minden Press-Herald

A Minden man was arrested on February 23 after he was spotted walking northbound on South Talton Street, causing vehicles to swerve to avoid him.

According to the police report, Steven Cooper, 42, was walking so far into the lane that he was causing oncoming traffic to swerve around him, making them cross the double yellow centerline. Despite having the opportunity to use the available sidewalk near the apartments before Save-A-Lot, he did not do so.

“I initiated my lights and pulled into the empty parking lot across from Save-A-Lot and exited my vehicle. After seeing this, Cooper began walking across the roadway. I gave him a verbal command to walk back to me; he refused and continued across the roadway saying, ‘what yaw getting out with me for.’ We started to approach Cooper, who continued away from us at a faster pace. I continued giving Cooper verbal commands to walk back to me. Once he entered the Save-A-Lot parking lot, he began running away from us. I gave chase on foot and caught up to him.”

Cooper was stopped, handcuffed, and arrested for simple obstruction of a roadway and resisting an officer. He was placed in a patrol unit for transport to the Minden Police Department for booking.

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