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Minden to see later curfew, other changes in May

by Joshua Specht

With Gov. John Bel Edwards announcing some new additions to the state’s Stay At Home order, Mayor Gardner has made some statements clarifying what the citizens of Minden can expect during the first half of May. 

Starting on May 1, curfew has now been moved back two hours and now businesses must be closed by 10 p.m. and people must be at home by 10:30 p.m.

“Two of the major changes in the Stay at Home Order that affect Minden are restaurants will be able to open their outside area for patrons to eat meals, without tableside service, and all employees who come into contact with the public must wear masks.”

He also spoke of more businesses opening up as they find ways to adhere to the guidelines of having no more than 10 people in a building at all times. 

“They can open as long as there are not more than ten people in the building. That means if you have two salespeople, you can only have eight customers in there,” said Gardner.

“The business owners have to maintain this. This is going to be left up to the business owners to adhere to, the MPD will not go around and inspect businesses.”

The Mayor also noted that he was hopeful Louisiana could enter Phase One of re-opening on May 15th, but that it will only happen if people continue to take it upon themselves to adhere to social distancing and wearing facemasks when out in public. 

“When eating out in public, that doesn’t mean you can huddle up shoulder to shoulder. You still have to practice social distancing. Just like Gov. Edwards said, social distancing and wearing a facemask is the new normal, and we all want to be a good neighbor in Louisiana, Webster Parish, and the City of Minden.”

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