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New ownership brings renewed focus to assisted-living facility

by Amber McDown

On May 1, Jeff and Kacey Rhodes of Minden, along with two other families, acquired both the Savannah Court assisted-living facility in Minden and its sister facility in Bastrop through their ownership of Rhoman Properties LLC. To oversee the management of these facilities, they created Valiant Healthcare Management.

Previously managed by a Florida-based company, Savannah Court faced scrutiny during a recent roof repair situation, prompting the Rhodeses to take action. “Just a few months ago, we were all sitting here together as a family listening to the roof debacle. It ticked me off, so I decided to buy the place and make it better,” said Jeff Rhodes.

With 18 years of experience in real estate within the long-term care industry, this venture marks Rhodes’ first foray into operating such a facility. His primary goal is not profit-driven but focused on providing exceptional care for seniors. To achieve this, he plans to implement a profit-sharing system benefiting employees and local charities.

“We’ve invested a lot of our own money into making this place better, and we’ll continue to do so,” Rhodes stated. “When this building profits, 80% of the profits will go back to the employees in this building. The other 20% will be donated to a local charity of their [the employees’] choosing. So 100% of the profits from this building will go back into the community.”

Rhodes expressed a desire to address issues he sees with corporate healthcare in the U.S., emphasizing his intent to make a positive impact. “I’m not doing this to get rich. I’m doing this because I want to help Minden, and I want to help our grandfathers and grandmothers and moms and dads have a great place to live. They deserve that.”

Under the Rhodeses’ management, cleanliness, safety, and nutritious meals top the priority list. They also aim to enhance resident experiences by seeking feedback and suggestions from residents and their families.

The roof repair, initiated by the previous owners, will be completed this weekend, weather permitting. Rhodes plans to engage local contractors for this task. The facility’s name will change to The Columns of Germantown, reflecting its new direction.

Despite the change in ownership, residents’ leases will remain unaffected. However, due to the transition, the facility will be unable to accept ACH payments for the current month but expects to resume next month. In the interim, payments can be made by check, with arrangements available for residents encountering difficulties.

“We’re back in control of what happens,” Rhodes affirmed, highlighting his commitment to improving residents’ lives. The Rhodeses will return to The Columns of Germantown on Sunday, May 5, to further engage with residents and their families, reinforcing their dedication to the community.

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