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November Minden City Council Meeting

by Minden Press-Herald

The November City Council Meeting was a brief affair with most agenda items being passed unanimously including the city’s application for a block grant as well as securing funds for the Minden Airport’s development projects.

Mayor Davis also took the time to make citizens aware of the refurbishment project the Downtown Water tower is currently undergoing, letting citizens know that construction would be taking place around that area in the coming months.

“Everyone should be aware that we are refurbishing the downtown water tank, the one on Broadway. So there is gonna always be about three months’ worth of construction going on there, so just be mindful of that,” said Davis.

He also went on to state that the project halted the use of the water tower, and they have experienced some water pressure issues as a consequence. “Because of that we are not able to store water in the tower, and it has given us some problems with water pressure. I think we got that worked out now,” said Davis.

Davis went on to ask for the community’s cooperation when it comes to filling out a survey for the Community Development Corporation, as doing so will make it possible for the city to acquire more funds for future development projects.

“We’re doing a survey now. So if someone comes to your house and they’re representing CDC (Community Development Corporation), please be cooperative with them and fill out the surveys, because those are the surveys that make it possible for us to get the grants,” said Davis.

The monthly Minden City Council meeting takes place on the first Monday of each month at City Hall starting at 5:30 PM. The meetings are open for the public to attend, and for those who can’t be there in person or want to watch it after the fact, the meeting is live-streamed on the city’s Facebook page and Youtube Channel titled, City of Minden – Feels Like Home.

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