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Outlaw Paws “Where a Dirty Paw Can Get Right”

Outlaw Paws Grooming & Boarding Parlor recently opened up shop at 215 Main Street in Minden, offering a wide array of services to pet owners for pups and cats alike to make sure their furry friends are safe, happy, and looking stylish. 

Owner of Outlaw Paws Resa Burke has been grooming dogs for 27 years. Having started dog grooming at the age of sixteen with her own Cocker Spaniels, “It’s all I’ve ever done,” said Burkes. Initially planning on settling down with a dog grooming studio in Florida, she decided to relocate her place of business here to Minden in order to be closer to her 4 children and two grandchildren. 

As mentioned previously, Burke brings with her a wealth of over twenty years of dog grooming experience and offers far more than your a-typical trim. As a diligent student of her craft, Burke stays up to date on all the latest dog grooming trends so that she is able to cater to a wide array of breeds as well as styles to suit the owner’s tastes.

“As far as grooming goes, we do everything from dying hair to funky hair doos. Whatever they want. I go to shows regularly. I keep up on all my classes, the latest trends, I try to stay on top of everything,” said Burke. 

More than grooming, Outlaw Paws also offers boarding and daycare services. “It’s 24-hour care. No boarding dog will ever be left unattended. So that’s around-the-clock service for boarding dogs, which I find very important because just like kids, you don’t want to leave animals unattended,” said Burke.

For any customers using their grooming or boarding services, Outlaw Paws offers a free taxi service to make it easy and convenient for pets to be picked up and returned to their homes.

“For each service, if you call and have an appointment, we do a taxi service for free. Our taxis run from 7 AM to 9:30 AM. In the evenings they usually run around 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM,” said Burke. “They can pick up whenever they want. We will call or text to let them know that their pet is ready.”