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Pet mayor election voting now open in Minden

by Amber McDown

Ashlee Drake and her Chihuahua, Gidget, remind you the Pet Mayor election is now open

The City of Minden is excited to announce that voting for the inaugural Pet Mayor Election is now open to the public. Pet owners are encouraged to nominate their furry companions for a chance to claim the title of Pet Mayor, Chief of Paw-lice, Fur Chief, or a spot on the esteemed Pet Council.

All pets, including cats, dogs, and other beloved companions, are eligible to run for this prestigious honor. Nominees are required to submit adorable photos for public voting, with a $25 donation per pet entry. Additionally, local businesses have the opportunity to show their support by sponsoring pets at various levels:





Voting will continue throughout May, with candidates being elected in descending order of popularity. The winning pet will be bestowed with the esteemed title of Mayor, while subsequent placements will assume roles such as Chief of Paw-lice and Fur Chief. Pets ranking from 4th to 8th place will earn a seat on the Pet Council.

Proceeds from this event will be dedicated to supporting the Minden Animal Shelter, with plans underway to construct a new facility aimed at providing comfort and security to animals awaiting their forever homes.

For further details and to participate in this paw-some event, please visit: https://mindenpetmayor.com.

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