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Webster Parish School propositions receive voter approval

by Amber McDown

In the April 27 election, Webster Parish voters showed their support for education by approving three key propositions aimed at improving schools in the area. The Parishwide School District Proposition, seeking a 2.8 mills renewal over 10 years, passed with 65% of the vote. Additionally, Springhill School District No. 8 Proposition No. 1, a 7.69 mills continuation over 10 years, was approved with 62% of the vote, while Proposition No. 2, an $11 million bond over 20 years, passed with 58% of the vote.

Despite low voter turnout, with less than 7% participating in the parishwide proposition and less than 10% in the Springhill propositions, the outcomes demonstrate a commitment to enhancing education in Webster Parish.

These propositions will provide crucial funding for maintaining and improving school facilities. Superintendent Rowland and the Webster Parish School Board are eager to utilize these funds to address pressing needs in Springhill and across the parish. The money will be used for essential repairs and upgrades at Browning Elementary, Brown Upper Elementary, and North Webster High School, including fixing long-standing roof issues, adding parking, upgrading athletic facilities, and more.

The successful passage of these propositions is a testament to the community’s dedication to providing quality education for its students. The Webster Parish School Board looks forward to implementing these improvements for the benefit of all students and educators in the district.

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