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Phone charger hanging in mirror leads to two drug arrests

by Minden Press-Herald

A Webster Parish Sheriff’s Deputy initiated a traffic stop because the driver’s view was obstructed by a cell phone charger hanging from the rear view mirror. The deputy identified Gregory Lemons as the driver and Gregory Stroud as the passenger, who would ultimately be arrested on drug charges later in the traffic stop. 

Shortly after initiating the traffic stop, the deputy noticed Lemons acting nervous. “He was very talkative, trying to change the subject of the traffic stop to deputies at the sheriff’s office that he knows,” the booking report stated.

While conducting the traffic stop, dispatch advised the deputy that Lemons had a suspended license. The deputy asked Lemons to step out of the vehicle to speak with him further. 

“When asked if there was anything in the vehicle, he stated that there was not, then gave me consent to search,” the report stated. Upon searching the vehicle, the deputy located a suspected methamphetamine pipe concealed under the steering wheel and a small black magnetic box concealed under the passenger side of the rear bumper. “Inside the box I located 2 small baggies containing suspected methamphetamine,” the report stated. 

While conducting the search the deputy also asked Stroud to step out of his vehicle. Upon patting down Stroud, the deputy identified a cigarette pack concealed in his sock containing two suspected marijuana cigarettes.

Neither occupant claimed the methamphetamine. Both subjects claimed the other concealed it. 

Both Lemons and Stroud were placed under arrest and transported to BDCC for booking on the charges of distribution of a schedule II substance, possession of a schedule I substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia, with Lemons receiving additional charges for driver view obstruction and driving under suspension.

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