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Pilgrim Rest Road and Fiber Internet were up for discussion

by Will Phillips

Citizens have long been bringing up the necessary maintenance that Pilgrim’s Rest Road has been needing for some time now. “I went down and saw it from end to end and it was a hot mess. I see why those people were really complaining,” said Juror Jerri Lee. 

Recently, the Police Jury has been moving forward to get the road back to drivable conditions. “We’ve gone in there and we’ve recycled the bad spots on the road, there’s a crew doing that. We’ve gone in and put oil and water on the road to get it set up. The next step will be to hot mix those places. The cost is going to be over the bid law, so we’re gonna have to put it out for bids. Something has got to be done, in my opinion,” said Police Jury President Jim Bonsall. 

The motion to move forward with the bids passed with no opposition. 

The Police Jury also appointed both John Montogomery and Cortney Lunsford to the Doyline Waterworks District #1. 

Another topic that was discussed at Police Jury was that of Claiborne Electric Co-Op approaching parishes offering a Fiber Internet service. This would be a Co-Op endeavor, and in order for Claiborne Electric to move forward with their business startup activities, the police juries of their respective parish must put a new property tax which is to be voted upon by the residents located within each parish. 

In a report given to the Police Jury, it states that the estimated capital required for Webster Parish is $63,019,022. The report also states that “Typically 50%-60% of all property taxes levied are paid by entities residing outside the parish. Many residents of a parish pay few, if any, property taxes due to the effects of their homestead exemption.”

Being aware of the tax cost they are asking of the citizens of the parish, the report said “It will be necessary to establish an attractive value proposition.” 

The prices for their services are as follows. $19.95 a month for residential 50Mb up/ 50Mb Down, $39.95 a month for residential 100Mb down/100Mb up, $69.95 a month for 1Gb up/ 1GB down, and for small businesses $79.95 a month for 100Mb up/100Mb down.

Note The Police Jury did not take any action to place this matter on a ballot as of now. 

The Police Jury takes place on the first Tuesday of every month. 

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