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Rep. Hollis files bill to restrict HOAs

Homeowners associations should not be able to restrict property owners’ ability to protect family and property, says Rep. Paul Hollis, R-Mandeville.

Hollis today filed legislation that would set limits on homeowners associations’ authority. The bill will be debated in the regular session of the Legislature.

“With St. Tammany Parish having one of the highest per capita rates of residents living within an HOA-managed community in the state, it’s troubling to learn of folks that have experienced selective enforcement of both the covenants and restrictions,” Hollis said. “I’ve also heard accounts of HOAs that are selective in which families they choose to take action for and against.”

  Rep. Hollis mentioned that he, too, has experienced this kind of selective enforcement within his own community.

 “HOAs have limited accountability and I have an issue with diluting property owners’ rights,” he said. “It’s a troubling and growing trend as we have seen more and more HOA-managed communities develop in St. Tammany and across Louisiana.  While I agree that HOAs can offer some benefits to homeowners and neighborhoods that they manage, I have heard of and I have experienced first-hand very troubling scenarios.

“I look forward to a thorough debate on this issue,” Hollis said. “I look forward to sharing with the Legislature my own experience and I know others will be happy to share their stories as well. While many covenants and restrictions make sense, I don’t think any HOA, or any government entity for that matter, should have ANY rules and/or regulations that get in the way of property owners protecting what they own, and more importantly, their families.”

Hollis said it is likely that a companion bill that affords property owners the ability to opt-out of existing HOAs will be debated as well.

 The state Legislature will convene a limited session to discuss reapportionment beginning February 1 and its regular session will begin March 14.