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School expenditures approved in September

by Amber McDown

During the September board meeting, the Webster Parish School Board approved a number of expenditures to help maintain and improve campuses across Webster Parish.

Central Elementary has been approved to purchase a number of Chromebooks with accessory features for $23,150.40. They will also be purchasing 22 new Promethean Panels for $64,969.74 (including installation fees). Central Elementary will also be able to pay an invoice of $15,760.15 to Mechanical Concepts for replacing two compressors and two inverter boards.

Lakeside Jr/Sr High will be purchasing some new P.E. equipment from Amazon for $1,136.63. They will also be purchasing five new laptop computers from DETEL for $6,685 as well as five Vex IQ competition kits (2nd generation) from Vex Robotics to be used in robotics class.

The purchases by Central Elementary and Lakeside Jr/Sr High will be funded by the Consolidated District #3 Maintenance Fund.

The Cotton Valley Maintenance Fund will be used to pay for six classroom phone/intercoms at North Webster Upper Elementary. The cost will be $2,910.32.

The Doyline Maintenance Fund will be used to pay for 30 folding chairs from Amazon in the amount of $934.65.

Ground Level of Columbia will be paid $2,685 to refinish the gym floor, and Johnson Controls will be paid $8,457.29 for repairing AHU 8 AND AHU 18 at Minden High. Webster Jr High will be paying Mechanical Concepts $5,762.24 for replacing a compressor on the 6th grade wing. These purchases, for Minden High and Webster Jr High, will be paid with money from the District #6 ½ Cent Sales Tax Fund.

North Webster Jr High will be paying G7 Services to remove all the trees around the football stadium area for the amount of $21,500. They will also be paying Mechanical Cooling Services $3,100 for changing the main control board on the HVAC unit in the 6th grade wing. These will both be paid for out of the Sarepta Maintenance Fund.

Brown Upper Elementary will be purchasing 24 LED lights and related equipment from Elliott Electric for $4,879.40 to replace the gym lighting. This money will come from the Springhill Maintenance Fund. 

There have also been several construction projects going on in the parish. Lakeside Jr/Sr High’s new football field is officially completed. They recently had a ribbon cutting to commemorate the occasion. 

North Webster Jr High’s football field renovation is also nearing completion. They are waiting for the lockers to arrive plus a few other details to be finished up. 

Browning Elementary is getting some general updates and renovations to areas including the student bathrooms.

Construction of Minden High’s new softball field has now begun. 

Finally, work on Minden High’s new multi-purpose building continues to move forward. They have completed all the structural concrete and are now erecting the steel structure. The steel erection portion of the job should be completed in October.

As the Webster Parish school district continues to improve campuses throughout the parish, local students get great environments to learn in. School board meetings are open to the public. The next one will be on October 3 at 6 p.m.

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