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Seeds Women’s Center unveils Pamper Pantry

by Amber McDown

Seeds Women’s Center held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on March 6 to inaugurate its new Pamper Pantry, generously provided by the Krewe des Ambassadeurs. The pantry offers essential items free of charge to the community, including sanitary napkins, tampons, diapers, wipes, and informational materials about Seeds Women’s Center. The Krewe has committed to supplying these items for the next several months.

The event was attended by a host of community leaders, volunteers, and elected officials who came together to celebrate Seeds Women’s Center’s dedication to serving the community. Mayor Nick Cox expressed his unwavering support, stating, “I’ve always been a big supporter of Seeds. This is a great organization. We need more places like this in our country, so we’re doing our part in our city by supporting what you all do. It’s a very impactful thing. We can see the results.”

Amber Bradford, the director of Seeds Women’s Center, highlighted the pressing need the Pamper Pantry addresses, stating, “We learned in the last year that there is a huge need in our community. A lot of the women that we serve do not have the funding to purchase those things that they need.” She also emphasized that the pantry can serve as an emergency stopgap when stores are closed. “I thank you all for your support,” said Bradford. The community is encouraged to contribute to the pantry.

Seeds Women’s Center has experienced an 87% increase in people utilizing its services since last year, reflecting the growing need in the community. The center is currently seeking a larger building to accommodate this surge. Seeds offers a range of free services such as pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and parenting classes. For more information or to donate, visit their website at www.seedswomenscenter.com.

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