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Southern University at Shreveport’s Aerospace Technology Department receives a $10,000 donation from PSA Airlines

The Southern University at Shreveport’s Aerospace Technology Department received a Ten Thousand ($10,000.00) Dollar donation from PSA Airlines on Friday, April 14, 2023.  

“We are honored to welcome Southern University, Shreveport, as one of our Preferred Maintenance Student Pathway partner Colleges providing mentorship and guidance to students pursuing a career in Aviation Maintenance,” said Steve Jarrett, PSA Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. “At PSA, our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion helps us to create an environment that cares for our team members. We are confident that creating pathways for students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, and other underrepresented communities can help them to achieve their dream of a career in aviation.”

PSA Assistant Director of Maintenance Operations Denny Barnard, who serves as Co-Chair of PSA’s Inclusion Council, and Joshua Maxwell, Supervisor of Recruiting, also shared their enthusiasm for the program and its benefits for aspiring Aviation Maintenance students. “This partnership is a great opportunity for students to join a team where they can bring their passion to life.”

“We are very excited about PSA Airlines’ generosity and interest in our program,” said Timothy Banks, Director of the SUSLA Aerospace Technology Department. “PSA’s donation is another reminder that we continue to build a sustainable program that is on the radar nationally and meets the standards of major aircraft companies.”

PSA Airlines, located in Dayton, Ohio, has adopted SUSLA as one of the 26 Colleges in the U.S. that they support.  Banks continued, “PSA’s support has been pertinent to the growth of our program.  Their assistance allows us to continue producing well trained and qualified aircraft technicians.”

Aircraft Technicians are in high demand.  If you are seeking an opportunity to build a career in Aerospace Technology, contact us today at 318.670.9590 for more information about how you can enroll.