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Town and Country honors employee milestones

by Amber McDown

Town and Country Health and Rehab honored employees who have reached milestones in length of continuous service at their annual Service Award Ceremony last Friday. “It’s not common for people to stay with such longevity in places—and by that I mean even three years,” said Brooke Snyder, Administrator for Town and Country. 

The past two years were noted as being difficult, as employees worked to keep residents safe during a pandemic. “Your loyalty and hard work have set an example for everyone,” said Janet Dumas who spoke on behalf of the other employees. “It’s tough to stay put in the same place for a long time; however, maybe the word ‘tough’ wasn’t in your dictionary.” 

Mrs. Shirley Bates, who spoke on behalf of the residents said, “This is, to me, not like a nursing home. I mean, y’all treat us so good. You do a very good job. You work together, and that means a lot.”

Honored for three years of service were Shane Farley, Calandra Howard, Betty Patterson, Stephanie Shyne, and Kasean Tyree; for five years were Jimmy Adams and Kenosha Coleman; for ten years was Annette Eason; for fifteen years were Cherelle Harris and Latasha Shyne; for twenty years was Lakita Edwards, and for twenty-five years of service was Starla Layton.

“You have been a central part of Town and Country’s journey and success,” said Ms. Dumas. “We are grateful for the dedication and passion you have shown all these years—to our residents and the other staff members.”

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