Two Young Entrepreneurs Make Moves in Minden

While summer for most kids is a time of leisure, two young ladies, in particular, have been using the time in order to better their business savvy. These two are Morgan Lewis, 10, of “Mo’s Apple Butter” and Belle Beckman, 13, of “Charlie’s Treats.” Both young entrepreneurs took the time in order to share some of the insight that they’ve gained after opening their businesses.

Mo’s Apple Butter

When asked why she decided to start selling apple butter in particular, Lewis responded, “We had a ton of apples, so I decided to make apple butter, and my whole family really liked it, so my dad told me I should start selling it.”

She said after getting the idea to start the business from her father, she got help from her mother who started advertising “Mo’s Apple Butter” for people here in Minden on Facebook, while her Grandparents let people know about it in Shreveport.

Responding to a question about what her favorite part of running the business has been, Lewis said, “The canning part of it and getting to know people as we sell it.”

In addition to apple butter, Lewis said that they are now making peach butter and plan to include pear butter in the near future. Half pints are $4 dollars and full pints are $8. Those interested can contact her mother Jessica Lewis on Facebook. It’s also available locally at Heavenly Treasures and at the Minden Farm & Garden Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.

When asked if she wanted to give any special thanks to people who helped her with her business, Lewis responded, “My Mom and my Dad.”

Charlie’s Chompin’ Dog Treats

Belle Beckman originally got into making dog treats trying to satiate the appetite of their rescue dog Charlie. “I love dogs, and Charlie eats everything including my treats,” said Beckman. “We started running out of treats for him, so we just decided to make some homemade ones.

While she knew that Charlie was a fan of her homemade treats, the real test was apparently her grandmother’s pet.

“The test was my grandmother’s dog, Levi. He is the pickiest. So he was the test, and he liked them,” said Beckman.

She also stated that this wasn’t her first time doing sales. She said that she gained some experience while working with her Grandmother in Arcadia. “Well, I was already starting to sell door pillows, that you put on for doors for decoration, at my grandmother’s booth in Arcadia at the Cozy Corner.”

Each bag of five yummy homemade treats is available for $3. “All the dog treats are made out of aer oats, peanut butter, and pumpkin preserves. We make them fresh almost every day,” said Beckman. Given that they’re an all-natural product, they say it’s best to put them in the fridge to keep them fresh for longer. 

When asked what her favorite part of running the business has been so far, Beckman stated, “My mom, grandmother, and grandfather have been helping me sell them, I’ve gone to lot’s of places, and I can make dogs happy.”



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