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Webster Parish Students Design Coloring Books for Special Needs Students

by Minden Press-Herald

Graphic arts students at Lakeside Junior/Senior High School in Sibley were recently given a unique project. Instructor Lesa Ward had her class design a 12-page coloring book.

The focus of the coloring books was events that happen in the month of March. Students had to research and then design a book. They highlighted many March events, including St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness. Students designed the artwork on their class computers. Some students opted to draw their own artwork.

When the books were completed, the students walked across the hall to hand-deliver them to Jessica Blackwell’s class for students with special needs. “I always have the special needs children in my mind because they’re near and dear to my heart since they are right across the hall,” said Lesa Ward, Vocational Instructor at Lakeside Junior/Senior High School.  “I thought, what is something I can do for them? I know that they like to color, and I researched how we could do it. That’s how it came to be.”

“It was just super special that a teacher at our school gets her students involved with my class,” said Jessica Blackwell, Special Education Instructor at Lakeside Junior/Senior High School. “It’s nice to see other students support our classroom.”

The graphic arts students walked away with more than just a lesson on designing coloring books. Students called the lesson very fulfilling to be able to design the coloring book and then deliver them to some very happy students.

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